Contract rendering qualified legal aid

on rendering qualified legal aid
Of Moscow                                                           «___» ________ 2007
Association with limited liability «International Law Center «Law and Order» of Moscow, called further «Law center», in the name of the General director, operating on the basis of the Charter, on the one hand and _____________________________________________________, (surname, name, patronymic)
further called "Principal"on the other hand, have concluded the present contract as follows:
1.1. Principal or person operating in his interests, charges, and Law center takes up duties of the representative _________________________________________________________ (surname, name, patronymic) _________________________________________________________ (state body and commission maintenance)
is perfectly in order and on the conditions defined by the present Contract.
1.2. Carrying out the commission of Principal, Law center operates on the basis of the Contract and (or) the given out power of the attorney.
1.3. Principal pays to Law center compensation in an order and in the size defined by the present Contract, and also pays expenses connected with performance of the commission.
1.4. Law center carries out performance of the commission with attraction of lawyers or other third parties, without the prior notification of Principal.
2.1. The principal is obliged:
2.1.1. To inform Law center about all known circumstances concerning commission which is given to it.
2.1.2. To put at disposal of Law center copy of all documents, required for
performance of the commission or their originals.
2.1.3. If necessary to give out address to the lawyer or power of attorney issued according to the law in which the volume of the rights is defined.
2.1.4. Completely and in due time to pay compensation to Law center.
2.1.5. In case of need Principal provides lawyers of Law center with all necessary commission execution, including: documentation in demanded quantity of copies, office equipment, communication facility, number in hotel, vehicle or compensates to Law center an expense for the given necessary actions and means in the monetary form.
2.2. Law center is obliged:
2.2.1. To carry out the commission of the present Contract using thus the special knowledge in the field of the right, the rights given by the legislation and making all commissions necessary for performance which are not contradicting the law of action.
2.2.2. To co-ordinate legal position on business with Principal and to inform him of prospective actions in connection with commission performance.
2.2.3. Law center bears responsibility, for inadequate execution of obligations under the Contract in size and an order established by the law.
2.3. Principal has the right to receive from Law center all data on course of commission performance under the Contract.
2.4. Law center has the right to request from Principal necessary for performance of the commission information and documents.
3.1. Principal undertakes to pay compensation to Law center which consists of prepaid advance payment in size _____________________________________________________ rbl.
and awards in size _____________________________________ rbl.
3.2. Award is paid in case of achievement of positive result, namely: ___.
3.3. Money resources of the brought advance payment are spent for actually executed actions of Law center which are estimated according to cost of legal services specified in the appendix ╣ 1 of the Contract.
3.4. If money resources of advanced payment are not spent, and the commission is executed, the rest of these means does not come back to Principal, and is considered the award independent of result of the executed commission.
3.5. In case of increase of work amount in comparison with assumed at the moment of the Contract conclusion, the parties question on compensation increase should be solved.
3.6. Payment is made by non-cash transfer of money resources to the bank account specified in the Contract or entering of money into cash desk of the Law center about day of definitive performance of the commission.
3.7. The moment of payment of compensation is transfer of money resources into the bank account of Law center or receipt of money in cash desk.
3.8. In case of change of bank requisites, Law center immediately informs about it to the Principal.
3.9. Special conditions of payment _____________________________.
4.1. In case of incomplete full and authentic data necessary for normal work of Legal centre and also in case of granting by Principal of the documents mismatching the validity, all responsibility for discrepancy of results of work of Law center to legislation requirements passes to Principal.
4.2. In case of evasion from compensation payment to Law center or unpaid amount Principal pays to Law center penalty fee at a rate of 1 % from total amount of due compensation per every day of delay from the moment of occurrence of requirement right of payment.
4.3. Parties are relieved from responsibility for default or inadequate execution of the obligations under the present Contract at occurrence of force-majeur circumstances of Russian Federation specified in the legislation.
5.1. Present Contract comes into force from the moment of signing by the parties and operates before full execution of the commission.
5.2. At prescheduled cancellation of the Contract on any of the bases provided by the law, Principal refunds all expenses suffered by Law center on commission execution, and Law center returns part of the received compensation in proportion to the work executed by it. Parties undertake to solve all disagreements by negotiations. If the consent is not reached, the question on the size of returned compensation dares in judicial order.
5.3. The contract is made in duplicate, on one for each of the parties, and both copies have an identical validity.
5.4. In case of need Principal transfers documents to Law center which are described in the reception-document transfer Certificate (the appendix ╣ 2). Law center bears responsibility for their safety and returning to Principal. At loss by Law center of the document, it undertakes to restore it at own expense.
5.5. All appendices to the Contract, after their appropriate signing and the certificate become the Contract integral part.
5.6. Additional conditions: ___________________________________.
The General director _______________________________________. 
121069, Moscow, Novy Arbat street ,  18/14, bodies.: +7 (495) 772-01-34,
╬GRN 1067761136684, an INN 7704628940, a check point 770401001.
Bank requisites: The settlement account ╣ 40702810300000008949,
└B"Gazprombank" (Joint-Stock Company), BIK 044525823,
the Corresponding account 30101810200000000823,
an INN of Bank 7744001497, Code ╬╩¤╬ 09807684,
╬GRN 1027700167110, a check point of Bank 775001001.
The principal: _____________________________________________. (signature, surname, name, patronymic, address and phones)