For solving of clients’ legal problems International Law Center “Law and Order” of Moscow cooperates actively with other professional lawyers of Moscow: Pocherevin Alexander Vladimirovich, Terekhov Dmitry Evgenevich, Trapeznikov Valeriy Anatolyevich, Belonogov Dmitry Sergeevich, Vlasova Lubov Valeryevna, Andreichak Vladislav Leonidovich, Pankov Dmitry Petrovich, Kutuzova Ekaterina Vladimirovna and others. We combine our efforts and knowledge for clearing of legal barriers to solve difficult cases.
A practical cooperation in the area of criminal law with the German law office headed by Sebastyan Gleit is initiated for providing legal help to clients of Germany and Russia. You can find out more about the German law office on the website Our International Law Center provides with legal assistance in many countries, particularly in CIS and Germany.
International Law Center deals with constant legal service and aims at expansion of client’s base. In this respect we are ready to consider all versions and suggestions of possible cooperation with mass media, internet-projects, different organizations and funds as well as our colleges from other cities and states.
This information on "The Secret Doctrine of days of the Apocalypse" and "System of Harmonization of the Person". You will get acquainted with the first for memories of a modern civilisation the doctrine giving complex, generalised knowledge of Evolution of the person and about True meaning of the life. Please come on the site for reception of the detailed information
The International Law Center is interested in constant legal service and expansion of base of principals. In this connection we are ready to consider all variants and offers of possible cooperation with mass media, Internet projects, the various organisations and funds, and also with our colleagues from other cities and the states.